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Business Card - Design 3

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  • Linen
  • Pearl
  • Recycled Matte
    Recycled Matte
  • Soft Touch
    Soft Touch
  • Textured Uncoated
    Textured Uncoated
  • Rounded Corners
    Rounded Corners
  • Ultra Thick 32 PT
    Ultra Thick 32 PT
  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Glossy

Product Information


Classic Business Cards

Glossy Business Cards

  • Glossy, reflective front with a smooth, silk-coated back

  • Highlights high-quality photos and images 

Matte Business Cards

  • Standout cards with a rich, polished look.

  • Great for readability

  • Easy to write on

Premium Plus - 18 PT Business Cards

  • Sturdy and durable. Polished and professional.

  • Noticeably thicker, heavier feel 

  • 18pt UV glossy or matte paper

  • Still fit in any wallet or holder


Premium Papers

Linen Business Cards

  • Classic (and classy) cards with a subtle, woven texture. 

  • Simple, but refined & professional 

  • Fine Italian paper with a textured surface

  • Handcrafted look & feel

Pearl Business Cards

  • Smooth, shimmering surface

  • Premium 16pt paper stock

  • Eco-friendly, FSC-certified paper

  • Best for light colors & simple designs

Recycled Matte Business Card

  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a natural finish.

  • Easy to write on

  • Smooth, uncoated finish

Soft Touch Business Cards

  • Stand out with ultra smooth, ultra silky cards.

  • Soft feel, velvety matte coating

  • Durable 16pt paper stock

  • Best for colorful designs & vivid colors

Natural textured business cards

  • Make an impression with a canvas-like, textured paper.

  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper

  • Natural fibers, with light speckling

  • Slightly rippled, canvas-like texture


Specialty Cards

Rounded Corner Business Cards

  • Quarter-inch rounded corners

  • Fit perfectly in any standard holder or wallet

  • Edges stay smooth with no corners to bend

  • Eco-friendly, FSC-certified paper

Ultra Thick Business Cards

  • 32pt card stock, thicker than a credit card

  • Tear- & crease-resistant

  • Uncoated paper stock

  • Best for bold, minimal designs